From the Desk of the Administrator

Each month our Village Administrator, Bruce Metz, writes an article "From the Desk of the Administrator" that gets published in the Village newsletter called "The Village View".  In these articles, he reviews prior year events, explains the reason for utility rate increases, talks about capital projects that are underway and energy efficiency.  We have had several people request a copy of these publications, so we have provided a link to them below.  If you ever have any questions about what is going on in Jackson Center, please do not hesitate to call our Office at (937) 596-6314.

Nov 2017 - Project Recap Jan 2018 - Water/Sewer/Electric Rates Feb 2018 - Looking Back 2017 / Looking Forward 2018
Feb 2018 - Electric Rates (Revised) Apr 2018 - Electric Substation May 2018 - Industrial Park West
Jun 2018 - Swimming Pool Jul 2018 - Peak Shaving Aug 2018 - Village Projects Update
Aug 2018 - Water Tower Draining Event Sep 2018 - Natural Gas Aggregation / Towne Answering System Oct 2018 - Water Treatment Plant Filter Media Replacement Project
Dec 2018 - Water/Sewer/Electric Rate Increases