Recycling Conversion Information

The Village of Jackson Center will be converting from two (2) 18-gallon recycling bins collected weekly to one (1) 65-gallon recycling cart that will be collected "Every-Other-Week".

This should make a noticeable difference in the amount of debris flying through the Village now that the recycling carts will have lids.

All carts will be delivered to the curb of each resident beginning on Monday, July 22nd and continuing through Thursday, July 25th.

For your convenience, you will find below the August 2019 through July 2020 Recycling Collection Calendar.  The days that are highlighted in orange are the days that the recycling will be collected.

Bi-Weekly Recycling Collection will begin on Tuesday, August 13th.  From there on, your recycling will be collected EVERY-OTHER-WEEK with the next collection date being Tuesday, August 27th.

PLEASE NOTE:  Trash Collection will continue to be WEEKLY on Tuesday.  It is only the recycling that is going to every other week.

If you have problems with your recycling collection or you do not receive a cart, please call the Call Center at 1-800-601-1867.