Natural Gas Aggregation


We have discovered that not everyone's Natural Gas Account information was passed on from IGS to Volunteer Energy.  Volunteer Energy has informed us that they received a list with only 332 homes on it.

If you did not receive the attached letter in the mail with the Jackson Center logo and the Volunteer Energy logo, your Natural Gas Account will not be automatically moved from IGS to Volunteer Energy even if you were in the gas aggregation program with IGS.  You will need to call Volunteer Energy at 1 (800) 977-8374 and ask to speak with anyone in Ohio New Service.  You will need to let them know that you want to OPT-IN to the Jackson Center Aggregation Program.  You will need to provide them with:

  • Your service address (house number and street)
  • The name on your Natural Gas Account (the name your Vectren bill is mailed to)
  • Your Vectren Account number from your bill

If you did receive the attached letter, you do not have to do anything.  Your Natural Gas Account will be transferred from IGS to Volunteer Energy and you will receive the aggregation pricing of $0.375 per ccf for your natural gas.  Your natural gas bill will still come from Vectren, your gas meter will still belong to and be read by Vectren.  The only thing that changes is the gas supplier from IGS to Volunteer Energy.

We want to convey to you, that this is not Volunteer Energy's mistake.  They sent the attached letters out to the list that they received.

Also, please do not call the Village Office if you did not receive the attached letter.  We cannot help you and will give you the same phone number that is listed above for Volunteer Energy.  Do not call IGS, they will not help you.  Do not call Vectren, they will not be able to help you either.  Please call the phone number provided above if you did not receive the attached letter.

Thank you for your cooperation.