Jackson Center Schools Vehicle Circulation Plan

With the first day of school rapidly approaching, we have asked for and received a map reflecting the traffic flow at the new school and wated to share it with all of you so that we are all prepared for the first day of school.

Below you will find a map that shows the Vehicle Circulation Plan.

Door numbers 1, 2 and 16 are the MAIN Entry doors.

  • Students being dropped off by parents will enter through Door 1.
  • Students being dropped off by the Bus will enter through Door 16.
  • High School Students that are parking in the ORANGE Student Parking Lot will enter through Door 2.

Parents that are dropping off students will follow the BLUE traffic pattern and enter on South Street off of Main Street (State Route 65).  They will follow the ONE WAY traffic pattern onto Linden Street and enter the GREEN Staff & Visitor Parking Lot continuing to follow the BLUE traffic pattern along the sidewalk.  Students can be dropped off ANYWHERE along the BLUE highlighted area on the map and walk on the sidewalk to Door 1.  PLEASE Do Not Wait until you get in front of the MAIN entry to let your child out of the car.  This causes traffic to back up, causing others to get impatient and creating unsafe conditions.

DO NOT USE THE DAVIS STREET ENTRANCE TO DROP STUDENTS OFF.  This entrance is ONLY for those planning to park in the GREEN Parking Lot.  The first row of parking (slanted parking, farthest to the South) is visitor parking.

DO NOT USE THE ORANGE PARKING LOT TO DROP STUDENTS OFF.  This parking lot is for students that drive to school.  Also, please note that the opening to the ORANGE Parking Lot from Main Street (State Route 65) is an EXIT ONLY.

Following this Vehicle Circulation Plan will lead to a quick and convenient way for students to arrive and depart the school campus.