2016 Year in Review by Administrator Bruce Metz

At the end of each year, before the new year starts, the Village Administrator sits down and puts together the Year In Review article.  We are hoping that this article will give you some perspective on the operations of the Village and what will be coming on the horizon.  If you have any questions, please call the Village Office and we will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this article.

Business Growth:

  • Airstream started construction in October for their new 50,000 square foot addition to their Paint Facility.  With this addition, Airstream now employs over 700 associates.  Airstream also purchased the 90,000 square foot former Holloway Building, along with the EMI Corporation building which now houses Airstream's Parts Department.
  • EMI Corporation built a new 108,000 square foot facility at 801 West Pike Street, relocating from thier 427 West Pike Street address.  EMI is looking at adding 10 additional jobs to their workforce.
  • NK Telco purchased the 533 North Main property.  They have completed the demolition to the house and will soon be installing a fiber hut.  NK Telco is hoping to offer cable service to JC residents in 2018.
  • The Village also was blessed to have several new businesses in town.  Saucy Sows Meat & Deli and Haas Brother's Pizza and Beer.  P'Cassios Food Trailer also provided food services to area industry and to residents during the summer months.
  • With the growth of our business the Village income tax revenues are up nearly 25% over 2015!!


  • Hamer Street was extended 500 feet to the railroad tracks along with the sewer line.  In addition, new storm lines were installed.  Curbs and paving will be completed in 2017.
  • Paving projects for the year were the repaving and application of reclamite on Shelby and East Streets between Pike and Jackson Streets.  Also, the Village's part of Shroyer Road was repaved and reclamited.
  • Village Crews upgraded the water main on Linden and Davis Streets around the school.  The old six inch main was replaced with a new twelve inch main.  Materials for the project were obtained from a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) totaling $35,000.
  • The Village has been awarded $190,000 in grant money from the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Program to reconstruct Davis, Linden, and South Streets around the School.  The Village has also been awarded an additional $485,000 in grant monies from Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) and a $500,000 in zero interest loan monies from OPWC as well.  This will consist of new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm sewers and pavement.  This project is planned to start in the spring.


  • New Village entrance signs were put up on Main Street and Pike Street designed by Behr Design, LLC.  The landscaping was installed by Kah Nursery Garden Center & Landscape Design.
  • The Village has been awarded a $52,647 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and another $130,000 in grant funds from the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Program for development of a Park on the Water Plant Well Field.  This project is planned to start in June, 2017.
  • The Village has begun work on the Airstream Drive Traffic Light Project.  Trees have been removed and electric utilities are being relocated.  Storm water work will begin soon.  The nearly $500,000 project will be funded with approximately $173,000 in grant monies from Jobs Ohio, $53,000 from ODOT, $90,000 from Airstream and the remaining funding from the Village.
  • The Village has also been awarded a $780,246 grant from Ohio Department of Transportation Enhancement grant.  The grant will be used for all new decorative street lights on Main Street and new traffic light poles and signals with crosswalk signals.  This Project is to be started in 2018.
  • The Village swapped 34 acres of ground on Washington Street to acquire 28 acres on Jerry Drive across from the Wastewater Treatment Plant and will construct a 1.7 Megawatt Solar Field on approximately 9 acres on Jerry Drive.
  • The Village will also be constructing a 12 acre detention pond on Jerry Drive.  This will help with the flooding conditions on Pike Street during heavy rain events.  The Village has been awarded $160,000 in grant monies from the Neighborhood revitalization Grant Program to assist in the $220,000 project.
  • The Wastewater Plant Upgrade Project is approximately 50% complete with work continuing on the clarifiers.  The nearly one million dollar project should be completed this summer.
  • The Village purchased the 109 East College Street property and razed the old Baptist Church.
  • The Village also purchased the 102 West Pike Street property and is in the process of its demolition.  Council has contracted with Freytag and Associates to start the plans for a two story Retail/Office Building on the site.
  • The Village has been very aggressive in pursuing grant funding to help offset the cost of many projects in which the Village is undertaking.  For calendar years 2016, 2017 and 2018 the Village has secured a total of $1,643,748 in grant funds.

Operational Changes:

  • The Village was saddened in the passing of Hugh Sosby in May.  Hugh was our Groundskeeper for the Village for five years.  Drew Sosby, (Hugh's Grandson) was then hired as groundskeeper to continue the mowing legacy Hugh left behind.  Drew will start full time with the Village on January 1st as a Water and Wastewater Apprentice.
  • The Village upgraded the billing software for utilities and also can take credit card payments at the Village Office.
  • The Village of Jackson Center has renewed its partnership with Efficiency Smart through the end of 2019, extending the initial three year contract that began in January 2011.  Efficiency Smart provides energy efficiency services for electric customers of Jackson Center Municipal Electric System.  Through the end of November 2016, the partnership has resulted in 965 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy saved in Jackson Center, 406% of the goal established for the contract period.  This is a lifetime savings of $1,153,714.
  • Officer Hiro, our K-9 Officer was voted "TOP DOG" of the Miami Valley.  Hiro will be featured in the 2017 SCARF (Shelby County Aninam Rescue Foundation) calendar.

It has been a terrific year for our Village!  With all of the grant and loan monies awarded, 2017 is going to be a very busy year!